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Unmatched resources make us your source for
tomorrow’s automotive solutions

Unmatched product
development capability

No automotive foam fabricator offers you the kind of in-house engineering and product development capabilities of Creative Foam. With a team of CAD designers under the same roof as our dedicated prototyping team, we can transform your engineering specs into a working prototype in record time. A short walk to our in-house tool making facility and your new part can be molded or die cut and ready to ship sooner than you ever thought possible.



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Unmatched onsite
engineering and testing

At Creative Foam, when we say we come up with innovative solutions to your engineering challenges, we mean it. Our engineering team’s cutting edge knowledge of the latest and best materials and processes allows us to create new ways to solve specific engineering challenges, or combine materials in new and effective ways to meet rigorous quality and value demands of the automotive market.


Unmatched manufacturing

When it comes to range of foam fabrication and manufacturing options under one roof, no one can touch Creative Foam. Our molded foam fabrication facilities offer a full range of manufacturing processes – fusion, compression, poured urethane and thermo forming. Our facilities offer in house tooling for quicker development and state of the art adhesive systems.


Unmatched value

We built our business on ‘getting it right the first time’. Delivering the best solution to you the first time, on time and under budget is the reason for everything we do. Unmatched resources on the same team help us deliver better value by eliminating much of the inter-team communication challenges our competitors struggle with. Our team has the unparalleled knowledge of materials, engineering and manufacturing you need to build a superior vehicle, while keeping a close eye on the bottom line.

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