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Sticky Spot Part 3

September 3 , 2015 |

Today’s topic is: Peel Strength and Shear Strength Continue reading

Automotive Industry Outlook

April 14 , 2015 |

Americans still have a love affair with large, (non-electric) cars and trucks. Last year global automobile production was 82 million vehicles. Pundits expect annual production to peak at 120 million units by the end of the decade. Continue reading

Highly Effective Sales Team

December 27 , 2014 |

7 Habits of the Highly Effective Creative Foam Sales Team Continue reading

Learn the Acronyms to Be Cool

November 26 , 2014 |

In the Automotive Industry, acronyms are part of the daily vocabulary. Continue reading

6 More Game Changers for Creative Foam 2001 – Present Day

November 21 , 2014 |

Peter T. Swallow, founder of Creative Foam, shares his insights for what helped the company to stay in business from 2001 to Present Day in Part 2 of Game Changers in Creative Foam’s History. Continue reading

Speed to Market Always Wins

November 12 , 2014 |

Creative Foam has earned a reputation for exceeding customers’ expectations. Continue reading

CAFE 2025- What is it?

August 23 , 2014 |

The latest challenge is CAFÉ 2025 which sets average expected mileage at 54.5 miles per gallon for each automaker by the year 2025 set by the Federal Government and the US Department of Transportation. Continue reading

What the Media is Saying About the New Acura TLX

August 11 , 2014 |

Creative Foam is the proud supplier of foam panel barriers, foam door plugs, foam fender enclosures, and compression molded nonwoven stuffers for the 2015 Acura TLX. Read the reviews.
Continue reading

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