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How Employees Can Enhance Their Worth

August 31 , 2016 |

These 10 tasks require zero talent, but can help an employee enhance their worth. Continue reading

Giving Back to Community

May 24 , 2016 |

As the largest employer in Fenton, MI, Creative Foam likes to give back to their community. We tour a select number of groups during the school year to show kids what manufacturing is all about. Continue reading

Plex Support or Spiceworks Ticket?

November 3 , 2015 |

Ever wondered whether a Plex User Support Request (USR) or Spiceworks ticket is the right way to go? Have you ever wanted a quick help document and didn’t know where to look? Below are a few quick tips and tricks on how to find what you’re looking for. Continue reading

Home Network Protection

October 13 , 2015 |

Hackers aren’t content with prying into the lives of the rich and famous. Most of them know that digging into the files of Joe Everyman is a lot easier and a lot more subtle than aiming high. Learn how to protect your home network, computer, passwords and more. Continue reading

Sticky Spot Part 3

September 3 , 2015 |

Today’s topic is: Peel Strength and Shear Strength Continue reading

iOS vs. Android

August 26 , 2015 |

With millions of new iOS and Android based devices being poured onto the market, many home and enterprise users question which is the best device for me? Continue reading

Use An Antivirus Program or Not?

July 27 , 2015 |

An antivirus program should have the ability to block malware, and provide real time protection from known malicious programs.
Continue reading

Front Office Extraordinaire

July 15 , 2015 |

Gone are the days of simply answering the phone and forwarding them to someone more fit to handle it. These men and women in the front offices have put down their puny coffee mugs and nail files in exchange for acquiring a whole new repertoire of responsibilities. While the tasks and obligations vary from company to company, position to position, and even AM to PM, there is a standard to which the job should be held. Continue reading

Passwords & Password Keepers

June 13 , 2015 |

Passwords are an integral part of our daily computer usage. Continue reading

Windows 8 Pesky Tiles

May 29 , 2015 |

Do the Windows 8 Tiles get on your nerves? Learn how to have your computer start in a desktop mode. Continue reading

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