a. Discounts. All cash discount periods shall be computed from the date of receipt by Purchaser of a correct invoice or goods, whichever is later. Cash discounts will be based on full amount of invoice less freight charges and taxes separately stated on invoice.

b. Extra Charges, Invoices and Payment. No extra charges of any kind will be allowed unless specifically agreed to in writing by Purchaser. Price is to cover net weight, unless otherwise agreed. No invoices shall be issued nor payment made prior to delivery. All state and federal excise, sales and use taxes shall be stated separately on the invoices. All payments are subject to adjustment for storage or rejection.

c. Transportation Charges. Any transportation charges with respect to which Seller is entitled to receive reimbursement shall be added to Seller’s invoice as a separate item, with the receipted freight bill attached thereto. No parcel post insurance charges will be allowed unless authorized by Purchaser in writing. Any excess charges resulting from the use of unauthorized transportation will be disallowed or charged to Seller. No goods valued in excess of $500 are to be shipped via Parcel Post. Seller shall not declared any value on goods shipped via United Parcel Service, Air Express, Air Freight or Parcel Post. Seller shall release rail or truck shipment at the lowest valuation permitted in governing tariff or classification.

d. Reduction in Rates, Duties or Taxes. Any reduction in applicable freight rates, customs duties, import taxes, excise taxes, and/or sales taxes from those in force on the date of this purchase order, whether separately stated on the face of the order or not, shall be paid to Purchaser or credited against the price of the goods.

e. Duty Drawbacks Rights. This purchase order includes any and all related customs duty drawback rights, which are transferable from Seller to Purchaser. Seller shall inform Purchaser of the existence of any such rights and upon request supply such documents as may be required for Purchaser to obtain any such drawback.

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