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Corporate Operator, Office Administrator, Office Manager, Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Secretary, etc., the list of titles for front office extraordinaire are as quickly changing as their duties are progressing. Gone are the days of simply answering the phone and forwarding them to someone more fit to handle it. These men and women in the front offices have put down their puny coffee mugs and nail files in exchange for acquiring a whole new repertoire of responsibilities. While the tasks and obligations vary from company to company, position to position, and even AM to PM, there is a standard to which the job should be held.


Top 5 List of duties for the Office Receptionist:

  1. Many Hats:

    As previously stated, secretaries are not just “phone operators” anymore, they have many shoes to fill including, but not limited to: MapQuest in a Being, In-a-minute Handy (Wo)Man, Professional Door Opener, All-Knowing of the Unthinkable, Honorary Postal Official, Supplier of the Almighty Coffee, Technical expert as it pertains to NVH attributes of foams and nonwovens, etc.


  1. Name Dropping:

    Much like the barista at your local Starbucks recognizing you and your triple shot expresso gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, knowing the names and faces of those that walk through your lobby can make a world of a difference. To be not just another “Sir” or “Ma’am” but a “John” or “Debbie” might just put a little extra pep in that Monday morning step.


  1. Be Pleasant:

    It is not always easy staying positive when your morning begins with unruly hair styles, lousy drivers, and a hot beverage spilling incident that can only be described as “horrific”. But, despite all of that, you proudly walk that oolong tea stained self to your desk with a smile on your face. Everyone has their own morning circus going on, at least every once in a while. The important thing to remember is the day goes on. By having a good attitude and courteous smile, you might help someone else get over their slump.


  1. Sales Calls or Sales Calls:

    Being patient with telemarketers and business conquistadors gets its very own, well-deserved spot on the list. If you think you get a lot of those calls, imagine fielding them for an entire company. Can we judge if you want a free subscription to Fancy Cat Digest? Absolutely not, so as frustrating as it is to receive those calls, please try to remember they are only doing their job, as must we.


  1. Have a Personality:

    No matter how big or small the business or company you work for, there is a certain personality it helps to acquire. A snobby phone call can bring a company down the same way an unresponsive one can. There is a precise resting point between those polar opposites that is courteous, yet problem solving; understanding, but firm; and friendly while still appropriately representing a business.


While the names and responsibilities change from company to company, the “receptionist” is still the first face to greet you when you come in, and the last to see you out. An intimidating meeting can be eased with a smile, maybe a mint or two, and leave a lasting positive impression.


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Submitted by Lauren Barlow