Teaching the Community


There are many ways a company can give back to their community.   Monetary, gifting items needed, and volunteering are a few ways to donate to a community.  Creative Foam gives in all of these way, but has one special service for children. In 2015, Creative Foam started to give tours to Boy Scout Troops and to Robotic Teams.  We call it ‘Go See It Manufacturing’.  Most school kids don’t understand what manufacturing is or how it is done.  We bring the kids into our Engineering and Development building to show them hands on how to die cut foam, and how we heat it up to make an array of molded foam products for the automotive industry.  We are hopeful that we might influence these kids to become the next generation of automotive of foam engineers.
Here is our latest video of a Girl Scout Troop that had a chance to see our facility.


Submitted by Mary Ellen Aria