These 10 tasks require zero talent, but can help an employee stand out in a crowd.  Whether you are in a management position, a support position, or on the floor producing die-cuts, fusion foam products, or compression molded parts, you can stand out if you keep these 10 thoughts in mind. A few of our associates have expanded on some of the concepts:


10 Easy Things to Enhance Your Work


Fran L.  “Being on Time is simply the easiest way to show respect for your co-worker.


Rob S.  ” Body Language: A simple smile and thumbs up goes a long way.


Being Prepared: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  -Benjamin Franklin

Work Ethic: Maintaining a positive outlook, honesty, being assertive, taking initiative, caring, going the extra mile, being accountable, being reliable, being responsible, striving to learn, and most important being a team player.”

Dave S.  Effort– The best indicator of interest.

Body Language– Listen to what you see, you might hear something that will help you “

Claudia G. Attitude can make a difficult situation more tolerable.  We cannot always control what happens; we can, however, choose how we respond.

Passion shows in your work and is infectious (in a good way!).  If you are passionate about your work, everything else falls into place.”


Bill D.  “Passion for golf is knowing you can always do better and are always looking forward to the next round to prove it. Same holds true for working at Creative Foam.”


Kim R. “Being Coachable suggests that you know you don’t know it all, and if you do know it all, why are you carrying that Smart Phone?”


Submitted by Mary Ellen Aria