It can be frustrating when our systems are not allowing us to get our work done. Except for a few of us, we don’t come to work so we can type code and troubleshoot IT systems issues, we come to work to make wonderful foam products for our great customers.

Quick Tips and Tricks


In the midst of getting foam NVH products out the door, have you ever needed help with something and wondered whether a Plex User Support Request (USR) or Spiceworks ticket is the right way to go? Have you ever wanted a quick help document and didn’t know where to look? Below are a few quick tips and tricks on how to find what you’re looking for.


Plex Help


Have you ever been working in Plex and thought something just wasn’t working correctly, had a question about how to setup a module or wondered if there was a different configuration that might work better for your business needs? This is what a Plex USR is intended for! Although there are a few different ways to enter a support, every one ends up in the Support Manager and are all sent to the same group of people.


Setup a USR (User Support Request)


The first two ways to enter a USR will bring up the same pop-up and every support request requires the same information. The first way is to click the Plex icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen you’re having a problem with. The second way is to hover over the Creative Foam icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and choose the User Support option. The final way to enter a USR is to menu search for Support Manager or USR. Once in the Support Manager, you will click the Add button at the top of the screen and fill out all required information. This is how they will look:


Plex User Support Page



There are some important things to note. Never enter a Critical Priority unless you are instructed to by someone on the internal Plex team as this alerts all Plex personnel automatically. Subject, Description, Category, and Type are all required and an attachement is always very helpful and will help the Plex team to solve your problem more quickly. You also have the ability to add more e-mail recipients at the bottom of the request screen so more than just yourself is notified on any updates to the request.



 Spicework Tickets


So, what about your problems with GroupWise, phone, printer, software on your computer, or access to customer portals? This is what Spiceworks tickets are intended for! When a Spiceworks ticket is entered a the entire Helpdesk team is notified in order to get the quickest response possible. This is what It will look like:


CF Helpdesk Form


Required in this form are your Creative Foam e-mail address, the Summary, Description, and any helpful attachments. In the Spiceworks helpdesk portal, once you start typing your Summary, any available help documents will begin populating at the bottom of the request form. There are tabs also available at the top of the helpdesk request form for General Help, GroupWise Help, and ECI Payroll Help that include documents that are helpful, as well. Also note, if your Helpdesk request is Urgent, you may also call the Helpdesk line at 810-936-2187 or extension 2187, internally.


Submitted By Jenna Shelton