Today’s topic is: Peel Strength and Shear Strength

Peel Strength

Peel Strength is measured by peeling tape from substrate at 90 or 180 degrees at a constant speed. This test results in the force required to remove the tape from the substrate.


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Shear Strength

Static Shear is measured by bonding a specific area of tape to a stainless steel panel and hanging a specific mass from it. The time to failure is then measure. This test can be done at room temperature or at elevated temperature. It is designed to evaluate the holding power of adhesive systems.




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Dynamic Shear

Dynamic Shear is measured by bonding a specific area of tape to stainless, and then pulling the tape off from the panel in the same plane. This is a quantitative way to measure holding power.







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Our Laboratory


Creative Foam Corporate Laboratory is able to test both peel and shear in house to evaluate different adhesives. When available we prefer to test on customer substrate to ensure we are using the best cost/performance adhesive for each application.


Call Creative Foam for your adhesive needs, and we will provide the best cost/performance adhesive for your bonding applications.


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