Antivirus Software

Do I need an Antivirus program or not? Why would I need one if I just bought a new computer? Don’t they come with Antivirus software? I have never been attacked before, and I have never bought an Antivirus program. Why would I need Antivirus software now? These are some of the questions that are asked when discussing the need for Antivirus software, or not….


Why Antivirus is Important


In today’s digital world, there are a lot more transactions taking place online, and most built in antivirus programs don’t protect against each and every attack, that could put your financials and personal information in jeopardy. An antivirus program should have the ability to block malware, and provide real time protection from known malicious programs.


Free Programs


Although it may be true that some people have never been spoofed or tricked online, there is plenty of evidence that suggests that a strong antivirus program can prevent your chances of being attacked. Most computer users understand they need protection, but don’t want to spend their hard earned money on elaborate protection programs. There is some good news…you can get protection by installing a FREE antivirus program. With that being said, don’t forget the old adage that says “you get what you pay for”.


Root out Malware


Most free antivirus programs scan files on access to root out malware, and will also scan your entire system. This type of program will provide basic protection, which is far better than leaving the door wide open and vulnerable. Another type of FREE antivirus software is one that detects attempts to cause havoc in your operating system and applications. I have installed and can recommend Malwarebytes, which works with a regular antivirus program. When my regular antivirus blocks a threat, I can run a Malwarebytes scan to find the threat, and isolate and prevent the threat from spreading.


Use an Antivirus Program – Free or Not


Finally, if you do a google search for “free antivirus programs”, you can count on seeing a large selection of options to choose from. You will also find that different users will swear certain programs they use, are the best. It is important to choose your program based on your needs, and online activities. Also, be vigilant when downloading the program you select, make sure it is from a valid site with a valid address. My personal preference is Avast (the free version), I have used this software for years and have never been beat by a virus, (although there have been attempts which my FREE antivirus program has caught). Do you have an antivirus program? If not now, when? Have you visited the Creative Foam website lately? Besides reading the entire library of Blogs with other great tips, you will learn about the great Automotive NVH products, Medical MRI Coil Repairs, and Core Kitting capabilities.




Submitted by Don O’Neil