Rave Reviews


The 2015 Acura TLX is receiving rave reviews for NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) performance .  Creative Foam is the proud supplier of foam panel barriers, foam door plugs, foam fender enclosures, and compression molded nonwoven stuffers for the new TLX.


Edmunds’ Review


“Lots of noise-cancelling measures have been put in place in the new TLX, including a significantly more sealed body and the use of acoustic spray foam in 10 different spots. They must work, as the cabin remained nice and hushed, making for easy conversation. Wind noise was never an issue, and the engines are nearly imperceptible at highway speeds. They don’t cause a ruckus at full throttle, either.”


Automobile Magazine’s Review


“The rest of the time, active sound deadening and liberal amounts of conventional insulation make this one of the quietest Acuras we’ve driven.”


Motortrend’s Review


“Meandering through 300 miles of West Virginian back roads (I still have John Denver music stuck in my head days later) also showed the TLX to have a new level of refinement. Less noise makes its way into the cabin, thanks to …noise-blocking panels inside the doors, and beefier door seals.Torsional rigidity is up significantly over the TL, and the TLX drives like it – the chassis feels taut and solid, while ride comfort remains strong even if the spring/damper combo is tuned on the slightly firm side of things. One caveat: That extra rigidity means extra bracing, some of which eats into pass-through space on the 60/40 split rear folding seat.”


Slash Gear’s Review

“More importantly, the body has been sealed for better sound insulation, with Acura quoting 50-percent less body leakage thanks to…, triple door seals, and acoustic barrier panels installed. Acura’s engineers even opted to fill in the little holes left over by the manufacturing process in the name of keeping the noise down. You may not see all these efforts, but they’re what help elevate the TLX over a mainstream Accord.


No matter the trim level, what’s most noticeable is the sound – or, rather, the lack of it. Acura’s noise deadening processes may be extreme, but they pay dividends, and what you actually hear in the cabin is an order of magnitude less than the noise actually going on outside.”


Autoweek’s Review


“Extensive efforts were made to make the new car quieter, including pumping foam into the spaces behind the exterior body panels. This has resulted in as quiet a ride as you’re likely to get in the class.”


Autoblog’s Review 


“Most importantly, regardless of engine or powertrain, all TLX models are exemplary highway cruisers. Every single one glides down the road with a silence and demeanor more typical of a full-size European luxury vehicle. There is a near absence of wind and tire noise, and not a squeak from within the cabin. The Acura is remarkably quiet for a vehicle in this segment. The chassis and ride is also superb in all models. I sailed over whoop-de-dos on backcountry roads, bounded over railroad tracks and traversed miles of uneven pavement. There was hardly a crash, bang or bump, and never once did the wheel travel reach its limit or did the platform become unsettled or choppy. After a few hours of trying to expose a weakness in the ride, I gave up and simply enjoyed the serenity – the TLX will make its owners look forward to the daily commute, whether three miles or three hours.”



 Extremetech’s Review


“You will notice almost no wind or road noise; Acura filled many of the hollow steel cavities in the side frames with insulating foam. With either engine, the car accelerates quickly and both are good at the almost-lost art of passing on two-lane roads.


Because the TLX can be so quiet, the trim lines with active noise cancellation synthesize a little engine noise when you’re traveling in sport mode.


The cabin is super quiet, performance and handling are excellent, and the loss of 250 pounds and four inches of length make the car seem more sporting.”


Submitted by Steve Lenda