Die Cutting

We have a press style to match part requirements ranging from small precision parts produced on rotary equipment to large parts with multiple cavity tools on 500 ton presses. With this array of press styles and sizes, we can handle the tolerances required by the most finicky parts, or provide the cost savings associated with multiple cavity tools on our larger presses.


Vacuum Forming

Also known as thermoforming, parts are produced utilizing heat and a vacuum. The vacuum pulls the heated material in to an open tool where it takes the shape of the cavity.    This is an economical process for producing deep draft parts of uniform thickness.

Compression Molding

As simple as it may sound, there are plenty of considerations when compression molding. Multiple materials, material compatibility, melt points, heated material / cold tool, or heated tool / cold material, pressure and dwell.  We are experts at these variables and will develop the formula to meet the expected outcome.

Fusion Molding

We Produce 3D parts by “fusing” multiple foam details together in closed tools. This process yields lightweight closed-cell parts that have the added benefit of being able to incorporate fasteners to the part during the fusion process.

Molded Urethane

Produced in a closed mold or open pour process, we combine the proper ingredients to generate a material to meet your part requirements for density and water absorption. These parts are designed to function in a high heat environment while providing exceptional NVH.