Creative Foam’s Transportation Division focuses on being a leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of the highest quality parts used globally. Our solutions focus on creating quieter, stronger and lighter products which create a more enjoyable and a safer ride.

Die Cutting

We have a press style to match part requirements ranging from small precision parts produced on rotary equipment to large parts with multiple cavity tools on high tonnage presses. With this array of press styles and sizes, we can handle the tolerances required by the most tightly controlled parts, or provide the cost savings associated with multiple cavity tools on our larger presses.

Vacuum Forming

A common form of thermoforming, parts are produced utilizing heat and a chilled vacuum tool. This is an economical process for producing deep draw parts with uniform thickness from impermeable material.

Compression Molding

Compression molding is a thermoforming process that shapes material in a cavity between a top and bottom tool. Tools can be chilled or heated depending on the type of material to be molded. As simple as it may sound, there are plenty of considerations when compression molding. Each material has a certain processing window with multiple variables. We are experts at these variables and will develop the formula to meet the expected outcome.

Fusion Molding

We produce 3D parts by “fusing” multiple foam details together in closed tools. This process yields lightweight closed-cell parts that have the added benefit of being able to incorporate fasteners to the part or create hinges during the fusion process.

Molded Urethane

Produced in a closed mold or open pour process, we have multiple formulations ranging in various densities to generate parts that meet your requirements. Typical applications range from acoustic seals with intricate shape in dry or wet areas to acoustic mass-decoupler systems in combination with a molded barrier to interior trim parts incorporating a durable in-mold coating.

Creative Foam is well-suited to handle any project by offering all of your services in-house. From Engineering and Design to Tooling and Shipping, our extensive capabilities provide you with an efficient solution, delivered at scale and swiftly.

  • Our experts together with you.

    Our experts together with you.

    The first part of our process involves discussion with our engineers. At this stage we’ll apply our expertise in asking all the right questions, brainstorm solutions, and advise on material selection.

  • Our solutions taking shape.

    Our solutions taking shape.

    During our design phase the solutions to your needs begin to take shape. Here we apply our learning about your project and work through exactly the physical characteristics and dimensions of your part.

  • Figuring out the finishing touches.

    Figuring out the finishing touches.

    When required to meet tight timing or to prove out challenging concepts, we first prototype. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t take us long. We’ll know quickly if we’re meeting the mark and make any adjustments necessary.

  • Where science meets art.

    Where science meets art.

    As an “all under one roof” provider, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver across the value chain. This includes exceptional tool making capabilities to ensure your exact specifications are met.

  • Our white coats are waiting.

    Our white coats are waiting.

    With a dedicated team of lab personnel, we thoroughly test your part to ensure it will hold up to the rigors of use. With safety, time, and money all on the line, we understand the importance of getting this step right.

  • Exceptional quality at the scale you need.

    Exceptional quality at the scale you need.

    We didn’t grow to become the industry leader in our segment of automotive parts without the ability to deliver exceptional quality at exceptional scale. When it is time to produce your automotive requirements, no one does it better.

  • Filling orders on time, every time.

    Filling orders on time, every time.

    The final step in our process is no less important than any of the others, and that’s making sure you get your parts when needed. We have dedicated Customer Service associates that pride themselves in making sure we ship to meet your expectations.

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